Vinpocetine is an alkaloid (semi-synthetically) that is derived from the Vinca Minor plant. Many benefits are associated with this nootropic. However, studies have shown that there are many benefits of the brain that are linked to it like memory function, learning, and repair of cognitive impairment.

On the other hand, Vinpocetine is also considered as one of the best brain boosters that not only enhance the cognitive abilities, but also increase the mental energy. Simply it works to protect the brain from the harmful toxins that are can completely damage your neurons.

Most of the people prefer to take Vinpocetine supplement on a daily basis. In this article, you will find each detail about the Vinpocetine. All you need is to read the complete article. Trust us, it will not take your much time.

What is Vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine is derived from the tree Vinca Minor. It is the extract form of Periwinkle plant.

However, Vinpocetine produces synthetically just to ensure the quality. But the origin of this nootropic informs us that its pure classified as a natural nootropic.

Many successful types of research have been made to know about the effectiveness of Vinpocetine on the memory. However, after the positive results of Vinpocetine, the researchers are continually working on it to prove that whether it can help in the Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s treatment or not.

Moreover, the cognitive enhancement effects of this powerful nootropic are also notable. It is due to that it is cerebral vasodilator that perfectly helps the enlargement of blood vessels to the brain. However, by doing this, Vinpocetine enhances the blood circulation in the brain. That’s mean when the brain receives more nutrients, it will work more efficiently.

Similarly, by increasing the flow of blood, it helps in removing the harmful toxins from the brain and thus support brain cells. Vinpocetine not only removes the unwanted toxins, but also promotes the supply of oxygen to the brain.


Many benefits are associated with Vinpocetine, and mostly these benefits resemble with the powerful Nootropics as Piracetam and Aniracetam. We know that they both works seem to improve the cognitive abilities and overall mental health of the users. However, some of the benefits that are associated with Vinpocetine are as follows:

  1. It works as an anti-oxidant and also detoxifies for the brain cells
  2. Vinpocetine not only improves the cognitive abilities, but also promote the betterment of neuron health
  3. Similarly, it increases the alertness and the focusing power of the brain
  4. Do you need a focus booster? If yes, then Vinpocetine is all in one brain booster
  5. It helps you in improving short-long term memory/recalling
  6. The other benefits are it helps in repairing the impairment of cognitive cells and enhance the skills that you have learned or learning
  7. If you are fed-up of your mood swing, then this supplement is the right choice for you
  8. It works to improve your mood
  9. It helps in improving the hearing functions of the human
  10. Similarly, it facilitates the complex cardiovascular functions



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Vinpocetine Side Effects

Vinpocetine, in general, has no prominent side effects. However, there are very low risks that are associated with Vinpocetine when it is being used by healthy individuals.  Moreover, Vinpocetine has the lower toxin rate.

As we know that there are no serious side effects that are linked with Vinpocetine, however, some people can feel discomfort when consuming this supplement. So in some cases, nausea, stomach pain, headaches, difficulty in asleep can be found.

Moreover, the consumption of Vinpocetine is best for the people having bleeding disorders, people who are planning to undergo surgery and for the pregnant women.

One of the most important features of this nootropic is that it works as antiplatelet, which means its effect the blood collection formation. Due to this reason, it can be dangerous to use it with other anticoagulant drugs or even with supplements. It may show up the negative effects.

Instruction: It is advised to consume as much water as you can with Vinpocetine. And moreover, try to consume it earlier in a day and avoid taking it too late. It may induce the insomnia sensation in you. It’s necessary to visit your doctor first before taking any supplements to determine whether this supplement is appropriate for you or not.


How to use it?

We cannot predict the effects of using Vinpocetine on the others as the effects vary from person to person. There are many positive reviews about the supplement in the market. However, we can only find whether it will affect you or not when you will try it by yourself.

The best-suggested dose of Vinpocetine to intake is between 10-50mg per day. The dose other than this can affect you in many different ways. You can take the smaller portions of supplements 4 times in a day.

As we always advised you to start with the smaller intake of supplement and then move progressively depending upon the test results of it. Once you find whether it suits you or not, you can increase or decrease the dose accordingly.

Vinpocetine with other supplements

Almost all the studies, researches and tested that have been done on Vinpocetine and its effects with the combination of it with others have shown it to be unobjectionable able. However, you can take many other potent supplements and nutrients supplements along with the consumption of Vinpocetine. There will be no prominent side effects of this stacking.

Final words:

This supplement is best for your memory, cognitive abilities, and focus, to respond to things, attention and alertness. It can combine with the other important and nitrous supplements just to increase the performance of booster as well as ours.

Never reply to the reviews, thoughts, and ideas. First, you need to try yourself and then move forward.

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