Do you want to boost your focus, energy, and mood? Pregnenolone nootropic is the best choice for all your desires. It is a steroidal hormone. Many benefits are associated with it. It is used as energy pill, focus booster, and mood enhancer also.

The studies have proved that it is greatly effective for improving human memory, inclusion and also the memory processing functions.

No doubt that Pregnenolone is the most important hormones that are present in our body. It is the basic material for the formation of many different types of hormones and chemicals like estrogens, glucocorticoids, androgens and much others. It is worldwide considered as the prohormone because it is the basis of most of the chemicals and hormones formation and development in the body. Moreover, Pregnenolone is formed from cholesterol. It not only occurs in the adrenal glands, but can easily find in the skin, brain, liver, retinas, and ovaries.

This is one of the most powerful supplements that helps you in focusing, increasing mood stamina and energy.


There are many great benefits associated with this super powerful supplement. However, some of them are as follows:

  • Premature aging:

One of the most highlighted benefits of using Pregnenolone is it slows down the process of premature aging, especially in the women. The studies have shown that this supplement is best suitable for reducing the symptoms of aging like, arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid.

  • Reduce Cortisol levels:

The second benefit is it helps in reducing the cortisol levels in the body. It aids, especially when the previous cortisol levels have risen to excessive density.

  • Restores energy level:

This is one of the best product supplement that not only provides you relief from fatigue. But also help you to restore your energy level and hence boost your immunity system.

  • Mood booster:

No problem if you are fed-up of your sudden mood swings because this is not your fault. Sometimes, human body somewhere lacks the essential compounds, which result in such type of behaviours including mood swings. Pregnenolone considers as the best mood enhancer and also promote your positive mental outlook.

  • Sleep disorders:

Pregnenolone supplement is also proven best for facilitating the sleeping conditions of the users. For example, if you are a victim of chronic insomnia and some other sleep disorder. Then this supplement will help you to treat all these sleeping problems. Similarly, it also aids the users to alleviate the chronic diseases like Lupus and Diabetes.

Prego lone is one of the best savers of Nootropics that protect your brain from Neuro problems including anxiety and depression.

  • Repair damaged neurons:

Don’t worry if your brain neuro-cells are wholly damaged due to stress and tension. This amazing supplement will power up the neurons and nerves drastically. Pregnenolone is on the top in the nootropic family of supplements.

  • Enhanced learning abilities:

Pregnenolone is used to enhance the learning ability of the users and also aids in long-term memory. With the usage of this nootropic, the user can observe the sharp feeling of activeness and alertness. Well, if you are one of those who is much depressed, then you are going to be one of them who will take much of the benefit of its usage.

Moreover, it is also one of the dominant neurosteroids within the brain, which means it can manipulate the messages and signals to the brain. The best repairing tool for your neuron cells.



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However, as we know that Pregnenolone is the natural hormone, which produces in the body. But many factors are associated with this compound production. It is important to know that the production of natural Pregnenolone falloff as we age.

This means the deficiency of this compound can affect the overall performance of our brain function. But don’t worry, we can raise the level of Pregnenolone by the consumption of the Pregnenolone dietary supplement.

However, when this supplement is taken orally, then it quickly passes through the blood barriers of the brain and then enters into the central nervous system.

Side effects

When there come benefits, the side effects also lie there so same is the case with Pregnenolone supplement. However, the presence of side effects may be due to the dosage that is being taken by the users. It’s not recommended to use the supplement for the longest period as this can harm you in many ways. There are many possible drug interactions and also contraindications.

Let’s take an example, if someone has prostate cancer, specifically men, then they should avoid the consumption of this supplement. The mild dosage of this supplement can worsen than the condition of the patient. The same is the case with women having breast and ovarian cancer (the condition can be used by the increased levels of estrogens).

However, it is always recommended to take the advice of the doctor before going for any supplements. Sometimes, we are unaware of the side effects that how much they can worsen and harm us. So need a proper medical prescription from the doctor and then go for the dietary supplements.

This side effect of Pregnenolone is less to non-observable. So it’s better to give a shot to this powerful and beneficial supplement at least once in life. It will brighten your focus abilities and enhances them to the great level.

Pregnenolone Dosage

The best-prescribed dosage for Pregnenolone ranges between 5-20mg per day. This is the best dosage range for the better performance of Pregnenolone supplement. However, the users can also divide the dosage between into two equal parts, means one in the morning and one in the evening. Moreover, sometimes due to its stimulus reaction, you may not be able to take it late in the night.

So it is better to start with the smallest dosage. You can consider 5mg as the lowest dosage, which can give you benefits of brain focus, cognitive abilities, etc.

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