What is Piracetam?

We all are well aware of the benefits that nootropics provide. We all are consuming them for several years. However have you ever wonder which would be the very first Nootropic to be ever made? Look nowhere else as the answer is right in front of us. Yes, we are talking about Piracetam-the first ever Nootropic ever made or synthesized. Piracetam belongs to the racetam group and categorized under the category of nootropics. Furthermore, like all other Nootropic groups, Piracetam is also helpful in improving the cognition and in the better functioning of the brain.

Not only is this but, the Piracetam also known as the best antioxidant. It also helps you to remove all the poisons and pollutants from the brain. Moreover, makes your memory and other brain functions completely efficient. Piracetam is considered to be the prototype of the racetam supplements all of which are a renowned group of synthetic supplements for enhancing the cognitive health. Being the first member of the nootropic group, Piracetam is supposed to show all the qualities of the nootropic group.  As same as nootropic Piracetam too can improve the cognitive health.

The oxidative function of Piracetam helps the brain to detoxification of the harmful toxins which may cause oxidative stress otherwise. Not only is this but Piracetam also beneficial for the stroke patients as it helps them to recover from the damage promptly.


Due to its mild nature, Piracetam is the earlier recommendation for the people who are new to consumption of nootropics. It is because of its low potency it can be taken without concerning much about the overdose or any side effects.

Method to use Piracetam:

Piracetam is the highly cost-effective and can be available in either tablet form or powdered form. In the powdered form, it would become much easier for you to take Piracetam. The supplement is quite bitter, so it always recommends to take it with some juice or drink which it has a strong taste. The powdered form of Piracetam is highly soluble in water. And thus make a quite clear mixture on dissolving in it. However, if you are a bit worried about the taste of the supplement, it would be recommended to use tablets.

Furthermore, a lot of users stack the Piracetam with some other nootropic to enhance the benefits. A choline supplement is recommended with the regular Piracetam supplement, as the use of Piracetam affects the cholinergic system.

If you are new in the usage of nootropics to have an improved overall mental health, then you must be aware of the “attack dose.” So basically an attack dose is the quantity of dose higher than recommended for the first time consumers. This heightened dose of Piracetam induces the Piracetam to build up in the body. However, it is highly risky, and you should consult with your doctor before taking any such step.



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Functioning of Piracetam:

The main target of Piracetam supplement is the neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine (ACH) and all of its receptor sites. The acetylcholine is used to send signals to all areas of the brain, which are actively responsible for the memory, focus and attention function of the brain. The whole functioning of the brain, including the processing and development of memory, can get better with the intake of Piracetam. Furthermore, these entire memory building and preservation function rely on choline to be a precursor.

So it is recommended to take choline as a complementary supplement with Piracetam to give your memory a boost. To cherish more memories, Piracetam is just the right choice for you. A common perception is that Piracetam improves the cell membranes. However, thus making the cell to communicate more effectively and efficiently. The basic reason behind our loss of cognitive functioning is that the fluid which resides inside the cell keep on losing as the cell get aged. Piracetam resorts the leakage of that fluid thus increase learning and mental ability.

Benefits of Piracetam

Over the period of several years, Piracetam is the most famous supplement among the people of various ages. Some of the most beloved benefits associated with the use of Piracetam are as follows.

  • Enhanced brain functioning:

Piracetam is considered the most beneficial and mild supplement to improve the overall health of the brain. It not only detoxifies the brain for better functioning. But it also associates with the creation of more synapses and connections, which are helpful in the efficient communication of brain.

  • Removal of toxin:

Piracetam is also a great choice when it comes to detoxification of brain cell. It removes the toxins and thus proves beneficial in treating alcoholism.

  • Enhanced cognition:

The role of Piracetam in improving the cognitive abilities of the users is remarkable. It increases the level of acetylcholine in the body which directly relates to the efficient performance of memory and brain.

  • Long lasting hero:

Piracetam was the pioneer in the family of nootropics and thus test far more time than any other nootropic supplement. However, the best part about Piracetam is that it always proves itself to be the best cognitive booster and efficient nootropic supplement.

  • Mental dysfunctions:

Several medical studies, witness that Piracetam proves itself a beneficial supplement in the treatment of various mental dysfunctions including dyslexia, Alzheimer disease and also alcoholism.

Side Effects of Piracetam

Keeping in view the low potent nature of Piracetam, there are no serious side effects found. However, with the excessively high dosage on a regular basis, you may feel mention below issues.

  • Heightened emotions:

The excessive use of Piracetam may induce heightened emotions in the body which may indirectly give rise to increased agitation, irritability, anxiety, and insomnia.

  • Physical conditions:

The extremely high dosage of Piracetam may cause not only the heightened emotions, but also cause physical changes in the users. The changes may include weakness, weight gain and increase level of libido.

All of these conditions may arise due to the decreased natural choline level in the body. However, a supplement of choline is recommended.

Recommended Dosage:

The Piracetam is a low potency supplement, so it is recommended to be taken in 800 mg doses. However, the recommended dosage may vary from 1.5 to 1.9 grams daily.

So you can take 1-2 pills after each hour, or you can take 4-8 tablets at once for the new users. However, if you are a regular user of Piracetam, it would be recommended to use the Piracetam in combination with choline. The choline not only safeguards you from the possible side effects of Piracetam but also enhance the positive impact of the dose.