What is Noopept?

Do you ever come across any drug which can enhance your memory, cognition and focus altogether? Well, let us give you the idea about one which can do so. Noopept is one of the examples of a Nootropic medicine or supplements. Basically, Nootropics are also known as “Smart drugs” because of their tendency to increase the overall performance of our brain.

Noopept is actually an N-phenylacetyle-L-Prolyglycerine Ethyl Ester. You can also recognize Noopept as the synthetic alternative of Piracetam. However, the major difference between the two is that you only need a small dosage as compare to Piracetam. Noopept offers a neuroprotective effect upon usage.

How does Noopept Work?

Noopept shows quite promising results in the Alzheimer patients. Furthermore, it prevents the accumulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines, neurotrophin deficiency, and ionic imbalance. However, the studies revealed that the impact of Noopept varies on various people. Some users have shown the enhanced cognition and memory abilities while in other we cannot witness any impact but only to a small extent.

  • Acetylcholine:

Similar to other Racetams, the Noopept starts its functioning by targeting the acetylcholine. When you have a dose of Noopept, it goes inside the system and got absorbed by the GI tract. After the absorption, it goes into the blood and twitches its effects.

  • Glutamate:

Noopept target the Glutamate receptor sites and inhibit the breaking down of Glutamate. The Glutamate directly links to the effective cognitive functioning. It not only improve your intelligence, but also the memory.

  • Increased oxygen level:

Furthermore, Noopept also aids in having an unblemished and focused approach of cognizance by increasing the level of oxygen to the brain.

  • Increased glucose level:

Noopept is also a prodigious source to aggregate the level of glucose in the blood, which aids to improve the metabolism.


  • Usage of Noopept:

The long-term use of the Noopept supplement has shown a somewhat beneficial and positive impact. The usage of Noopept on a regular basis not only enhance the cognition, but also helps the brain in focus and attention to details. Furthermore, this entirely efficient health supplement has not any toxic or direct health risk involved in the use.

Benefits of Noopept

Noopept is the ultimate choice to enhance the cognitive ability. However, there are many other benefits associated with the Noopept.

  • Improved memory:

One of the prime functions that Noopept perform is that it enhances the learning abilities. With the increasing amount of acetylcholine, your problem-solving skills also got improved. Furthermore, the use of Noopept is also beneficial for the long-term memory.

  • Enhance mental energy:

Noopept is regarded as a great source for increasing the mental energy. It not only helps the users to think more clearly but also aids them to focus and pay attention to details.

  • Brain health:

Noopept has proved itself as a great support to improve the overall brain health. It not only helps the brain in detoxification but also prevents the damaging and early death of the brain cells.

  • Improved communication system:

A lot of us feel the problem while translating our ideas into words. This cause due to a loose connection between the two hemispheres of the brain. The regular use of Noopept facilitates the communication between the two and thus improve the overall verbal communication.

  • Alzheimer:

Noopept is especially found beneficial for the Alzheimer patients. With its fantastic quality to enhance the brain functioning, it may prove valuable to repair the damaged brain cells and to improve the cognition-related brain disorders like Alzheimer.



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Noopept Negative Side Effects

Noopept is known for its extremely positive effects on the brain and the overall cognitive health. However, it also has some minor drawbacks. The side effects of using Noopept include restlessness, headaches, irritability, and dizziness. However, all of these side effects are directly associated with the use of supplement in excess dosage.


Some more information regarding Noopept:

We have already discussed that Noopept is a nootropic which has sturdy neuro-protective features and is acknowledged for the stimulation of nerve growth hormones. The spur of nerve growth hormone thwarts the degeneration of nerve cells and in improving the brain health. Furthermore, the Noopept also associates with the stimulation of another protein known as Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF). The BDNF is a notorious protein for the inhibition of degeneration of nerve cells and also for the disparity and growth of new neurons and synapses.

Noopept dosage:

Although, the health benefits associated with the use of Noopept are innumerable. However, it is recommended that you should start using this supplement with low dose initially. However, you may increase the daily dosage when your body starts becoming accustomed to the supplement. The recommended daily dose of Noopept is 30 mg to be taken in two doses. The Nootropic is available in both powdered and tablet form, so it is up to you as in which form you want to take the supplement.

Supplements that complement the Noopept

There are various supplements which actually form a flattering pair with the Noopept. You have the additional synergistic benefits if you take the Noopept dose with the following two pairs.

  • Noopept, Choline and Piracetam pair:

Noopept gives the similar results as of Piracetam, so if we take both in our dose, it will enhance the benefits without any risk. The pair is especially admired as the Piracetam associates with the Acetylcholine and Noopept is with glutamate which both are the neurotransmitters. Both of the neurotransmitters are allied with boosting the cognitive ability. Furthermore, if we keep on increasing the doles by adding Choline in our bout, then we get the more efficient functioning of Piracetam. The use of Choline also supports to overcome the problem of sudden nuisances due to the regular use of Noopept.

  • Noopept, Sulbutiamine, and Aniracetam:

Complementing the dosage of Noopept with Sulbutiamine and Aniracetam would create a powerful trio, which not only improves the cognition, but also makes improvements in the mood by reducing anxiety. The drop in anxiety will ultimately lead to the more improved focus and enhanced creativity. However, here you have to keep in mind that the dose of Sulbutiamine need to be taken in an alternative manner so that the body does not develop resistance to it.

Keeping in view the enormous amount of benefits associated with the use of Noopept, it is advisable to have it in your daily use. It not only enhance your mental abilities, but also to achieve high with high focus and attention.