Coluracetam belongs to the wider family of the Racetam drugs. This fantastic Nootropic is boasting about its memory boosting capability. Not even this, but also for its positive effect on the anxiety and frenzied depression. However, Coluracetam is associated with all these benefits, but often it is considered as the best boosters for the vision also. Although, the studies are still ongoing to identify the exact formula behind this benefit of vision.

It is important to know that this Nootropic was synthesized by the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation which is in Japan. It was synthesized into the disease (Alzheimer) in 2005. However, when this Nootropic fails to attain its endpoints in its objects related clinical trails, then it was licensed by the BrainCell. Inc for further research on this Nootropic.

The benefits and effects of Coluracetam

However, after getting the license from the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, the BrainCell. Inc continued its research on this Nootropic. Although, there were not enough people to participated in this trail testing of Coluracetam. But the BrainCell didn’t lose hope and tested it on the rats. The amazing thing is that the positive side effect of this Nootropics also worked on rats. There was a remarkable improvement in the memory, anxiety and learning ability of a rat.

  • Memory and learning:

This super amazing, powerful Nootropic was not only proved beneficial for the rats. But also proved a powerful memory and learning booster for the human beings. Coluracetam is one of the best Nootropics from the family of Racetam. Now you can boost your memory and your family’s learning abilities by the intake of this super beneficial booster. So if you want to enhance you’re on-job learning abilities. Or being a student need assistance to pick the concepts quickly and easily, then you need to buy Coluracetam. It not only helps in increasing your learning abilities, but a best-proven Nootropic to enhance your focus abilities. Nothing could be more beneficial, then to consume this nootropic daily.

  • Depression and Anxiety:

Another noticeable benefit of consuming Coluracetam is it helps in overcoming the depression and anxiety to a high level. According to the research, the three doses of 80 mg of Coluracetam is enough to overcome the major depression and anxiety with co-morbid GAD. Means a full dosage of 240 mg is perfectly suitable for handling severe depression and anxiety. So don’t worry if you have your on-job tension or you are depressed due to some financial issues. This nootropic is going to be proof a magic wand for all your depression and anxiety.

So keep yourself anxiety and depression free by consuming the dosage of 240 mg (the portions of 80 mg separately). It is essential to take this nootropic in three parts as according to research it has been proven more beneficial than to take one dose of it.

  • Eyesight:

The other major benefit that is associated with consumption of Coluracetam nootropic is that it helps in enhancing the color vision, Chroma and the visualization of the human eyes. However, there is no clear research on it.  But still, most of the experts believe that this nootropic work on the part of the brain where the vision process runs. So consider this Nootropic as the best supplement for increasing your eyesight abilities.


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How it works:

The working of Coluracetam is simple as most of the racetam compounds have. It helps in increasing the choline consumption. Moreover, it also helps in increases the uptake of choline in the neurons. However, the function of Coluracetam is simple and easy. It directly interacts with HACU process, the take it as the absorbing process of choline into the neurons. The intake of this especially occurs during the synthetic process of acetylcholine.

However, in this process, the Coluracetam not only preserves Choline during the process, but also give converts choline into acetylcholine.

So this overall process helps in increasing your memory, focus, attention, and alertness among the people.

Note: You need to keep this in mind that Coluracetam only works for the impaired neurons, but not for the normally functioning ones.

  • Increase the performance of cognitive function:

It has been shown that this Nootropic also helps in improving the AMPA potentiation which is the process that directly triggers the alertness and the cognitive function.


However, there is no specific dosage recommendation for consuming Coluracetam. However, the users of this Nootropic report dosing it in the range of 3-35mg up to (3x per day). Moreover, it is also advised to take an initial step with the lower ranges and then progressively increase your dose according to the reaction of the substance. Simply that suits you.

Side Effects

However, there are no observable side effects of using Coluracetam. But according to the above mentioned dosages, you can observe the difference in your behaviour. If you have never used this nootropic before, then you may develop a headache in the first few days. This is something you can observe this in the start time of the consumption of this nootropic. Don’t worry this is not something permanent. You can use this mind booster for increasing your learning abilities.


So like many other racetam, the Coluracetam stacks very well with the choline source and that is Alpha GPC, for increasing the enhancing the cognitive and learning abilities. However, the recommended dose of this supplemental choline is ranging from 300mg-600 mg on a daily basis, if you take it with Alpha GPC. Similarly, the dose is 250 mg to 750mg for the usage of CDP choline.

Where to buy:

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Final words:

Coluracetam is beneficial yet less popular nootropic as compared to other popular Nootropics. The studies are still promising to use this nootropic for enhancing your memory abilities. Get the benefits by confusing this natural supplement that is good for your brain and your memory.