Citicoline is another part of the family of the nootropic supplements. Citicoline is the best precursor of Acetylcholine. However, we already know that this is one of the most critical brain neurotransmitter for the functioning of the brain, including memory, concentration, and alertness.

Due to the lack of acetylcholine level in the brain, you can feel a great brain functional impairment, which results in the problems like trouble in focusing, low synaptic plasticity and memory problems.

However, with the usage of this beneficial nootropic, you can send essential nutrients to the brain which will help it to perform more efficiently at a high level.

Many benefits are associated with the Citicoline supplements. It contains all the necessary major components that help your brain to perform accurately.

However, in the first stage of using Citicoline, it divides into various components like Choline.


It is necessary to know that Choline is beneficial for the overall health of the body. Our human body can produce Choline in the smallest amount. Moreover, most of the experts recommend taking Choline from outside sources as well. This is good for keeping your health goals perfectly maintain and stay healthy.

The foods that we eat are also the best source of Choline. Choline is similarly to Vitamin B. The foods, including beef liver, navy beans, eggs, almonds and even the peanut butter can provide you enough choline for your brain health.

  • Brain health:

Citicoline helps the brain and also promotes the overall health of the brain simply by encouraging the production of the Phospholipid Phosphatidylcholine.

Phospholipid Phosphatidylcholine is the best compound which helps in building up the cell membranes of neurons of the human brain.

  • Brain cells formation:

Citicoline is the best source of providing choline that helps the brain to produce the new cell membranes. For keeping your brain cells active and healthy, every human race needs to take Citicoline in the balance amount.

  • Powerful antioxidant:

Citicoline is the best powerful antioxidant that flushes all the harmful toxins from the brain and keep the brain more active and healthy. However, most of the toxins in the brain are due to the stress and depression. Moreover, Citicoline also helps in the inflammatory reduction of the responses that typically result from oxidation.

  • Cognitive benefits

  1. Citicoline helps the brain to level up the acetylcholine level for better performance. Some of the cognitive benefits of Citicoline are as follows:It helps in increasing the memory
  2. It helps in improving the recalling speed
  3. You can observe the considerable increase in the learning capacity
  4. Moreover, it enhances the metabolism with the uptake of oxygen. This promotes a great feeling of mental energy. Once your mental energy got increased, you can concentrate and focus on the things more clearly and speedily.


With the usage of this Nootropic, most of the users have observed a brilliant increase in attention spans length. This super powerful nootropic not only promotes cognitive abilities, but also make a person more motivated and aim-oriented.

  • Supplement as Racetams:

Another property of this nootropic is it enhances the significant and influential effect of popular brain supplements called Racetams. These nootropic compounds as a whole stimulate the working and performance of brain by providing result in the form of learning and memory tests.

  • Piracetam and Aniracetam:

The combination of both these Racetams with more effective nootropic Citicoline results in the better brain functioning.

  • Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease:

Another vital functioning of Citicoline is it is the best supplement for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. According to overture evidence, it is suggested that taking 1000mg Citicoline in a day impressively increases the cognitive abilities of human beings.

  • Other diseases:

Citicoline also beneficial and effective for some other number of diseases, especially those problems related to cognitive decline, including dementia and of course aging.



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Side effects

Citicoline is one of the best nootropics for enhancing your brain memory and boost it to the next level. However, there are some minor side effects which are also associated with it. The user can feel stomach pain and diarrhea with the consumption of this nootropic. However, this product no doubt have very low perniciousness visibility.

It is better to consume this product not more than 90 days for the most effective results. Many times it comes to hear that the product has some side effects like insomnia, chest pains, headache, high blood pressure and blurred vision.

Dosage and use

The dosage of Citicoline depends upon the needs and the medical condition, which it is being used for.

  • For improving thinking capacity – 1000-2000 mg per day
  • For brain disease- 600mg per day
  • Similarly, stroke or blood clot- 500-200 mg recommended per day

However, Citicoline has been proved helpful for the people suffering from stroke to recover from it.

The medication has been allotted with the first 24 hours of having this stroke.

Before Taking Citicoline

Before using any supplements, it is necessary to consult your doctor before going for it. It is very much essential for the person to talk to his doctor once so that he can recommend the best possible solution. Moreover, it’s not necessary what suits other also suits you. So it’s better to consult a doctor who knows about medical history.

Final words

It’s better to feed your brain with the proper dietary supplements and nutrients so what can be more beneficial than to use Citicoline as your supplement. It not only improves your mental abilities, but also increases one’s self-esteem. Moreover, consuming the supplement at the start can reduce the chances of developing certain disease element that can attack your brain cells. However, using this nootropic as an alternative supplement for your brain is an excellent choice for your healthy brain.

Whether do you need to score high in school and want to show your professional skills; you need a mind booster that can help you in a better effective way? As we are talking about the brain booster, then what can else be more prominent over Citicoline?