Adrafinil is a Nootropic, and it belongs to the Eugeroic group. Adrafinil is primarily known as a wakefulness inducing agent. Moreover, Adrafinil act as a stimulant to keep us awake. Adrafinil is not only known for its wake function or characteristics, but it also induces improved memory function, cognitive skills, and learning abilities.

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Wakey Wakey dear student! Have your exams arrived, and you are unable to combat your sleep? Need not to worry as here is the ultimate solution to keep you alert and awake during your exams. Adrafinil inhibits the breaking down of dopamine to not only trigger the positive mood, but also lessen the stress.So what makes Adrafinil so good in keeping the mind in alert position? Well, there is a whole story behind this. Let’s start with the fact that Adrafinil is a stimulant of the central nervous system. Being the stimulant, the primary function it performs is to affect the catecholamine hormone level as well as the adrenergic system.

Functioning of Adrafinil

Since the adrenergic system is associated with the secretion of adrenaline in the system, the complete alertness and focus function of the Adrafinil comes to an understanding. Adrafinil only stimulates the adrenergic system in the central nervous system. However, which ultimately releases adrenaline in the system. Adrenaline is the ultimate result when you are in a state of extreme fear or excitement. It is the adrenaline, which enhances your alertness and focus. Adrafinil is pharmaceutically inactive. When we take Adrafinil, it goes into the stomach and covets to its active form commonly known as Modafinil. Moreover, through metabolism, which performs the remaining job efficiently. Furthermore, the studies reveal that one of the neurotransmitter Hypocretin is majorly responsible for the extended benefits of Adrafinil. Once you have triggered the Hypocretin, the wake-up call just does not stop there. The hypocretin also increases the level of other hormone and neurotransmitters, including histamine and dopamine. Dopamine is the major role player when it comes to mood and stress handling. Adrafinil inhibits the breaking down of dopamine to not only trigger the positive mood, but also lessen the stress.

Adrafinil Benefits

We have discussed the main benefits associated with this supplement right at the start of the article. However, there are various other benefits attach to this highly efficient supplement which is mentioned below:

  •  Heightened energy level:

Adrafinil stimulates the alertness and attention of the mind. Due to its alertness and stamina increasing properties Adrafinil is not only famous among the students but anyone who has to work in odd hours and need some mind booster to work efficiently will need a dose of Adrafinil.

  • Enhanced the focus and observation abilities:

The use of Adrafinil is especially linked with the active mind. So what sort of alert mind is it if it is not focused? That is why the Adrafinil is also linked with enhanced focus and observation.

  •  Increased motivational level:

When you feel an urge to have a motivation refill or an energy boost, all you have to do is to have a dose of Adrafinil. You would feel a sudden change in the mood as well as in the energy levels.

  •  Wakefulness Promoter:

Adrafinil offers the complete support if you want to keep on waking and working during the late hours of the night.

  • Boosts Intellect:

Not only Adrafinil acts as a vigilance stimulator, but it also acts like a Nootropic and causes the increment in the level of cognitive brilliance and improved status of memory. It is a great help if you want to enhance your intellectual abilities.

  •  Dopamine:

With the various other positive traits, the Adrafinil is also known to increase the level of dopamine and thus cause a decrease in the anxiety levels and bettering of mood.

Side effects

Although, the Adrafinil supplement is being adopted by the people all over the world for its exceptionally significant role in enhancing the performance and productivity of the users. However, there are certain side effects that may be experienced by you if you have the higher doses of Adrafinil for a long period on a regular basis. The common side effects associated with the excessive use of Adrafinil are

 Physical disorders:

Adrafinil is a Nootropic and thus it will not hurt anyone until misuse the increase or the unchecked regular dose of Adrafinil may cause the following dysfunction of the body including nausea, Sleeping disorder, Anxiety, Irritability, Dry mouth, Hallucinations

 Heart palpitation:

If you already have a history of heart issues, then you should be very conscious while taking large quantities of Adrafinil. Furthermore, if you are intending to take other stimulants along with Adrafinil then it is advisable to consult it with your doctor first.adrafinil dosage

 Easy to get bruises:

With the increased dosage of Adrafinil bruising become easy.

 Liver dysfunction:

The extended use of Adrafinil is also associated with creating issues in the liver. Due to the accumulation of enzymes in the liver, with a heavy dose of Adrafinil, the functioning of the liver may get hurt. It is a sane practice to talk to your doctor if you have a medical history and you are intending to have a supplement with a quite long period of time regularly. So discuss everything with your doctor before having your first dose.

Questions & Anwers

How long does it take to feel the effects of Adrafinil?

The effects of the drug are being alert for long and clarity of thoughts and it is about 15 hours from the time it was administered. It should be noted that the higher the dosage the hard the effects and more time the body would restrain from the drug. Adrafinil requires 60-90 minutes for effectiveness.

What are the side effects of Adrafinil?

SIDE EFFECTS: Does not exhibit typical amphetamine side effects. In some cases, may cause headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, irritability,nervousness, insomnia, numbness, pain, dry mouth, orofacial dyskinesia andincreased liver enzyme levels with prolonged use.